more than 10 years experience in international electronics manufacturing

hangzhou frankever electronic co.,ltd. was founded in 2005, is committed to serving the development of overseas and domestic electronics companies in the electronic oem/odm firms. now we have the business range in electronic assembly and plastic injection,complete product fabrication,aiming to offer one-stop solution from electronic components procurement,pcb production, smd/dip assembly, pcba aging testing,pcba function testing, whole fabrication with enclosure assembly,packaging to the final international logistics. we already signed the long-term cooperation agreement with most of the world famous electronic components manufacturers to ensure that the source of raw materials and stable supply of quality, the concessions will be transferred to customers.because of the rich experience on the components procurement, we have the big advantage on the components,like ic, resistance, capacitance, inductance, transistor.....can greatly save the customer's inventory costs, improve production turnover efficiency, save time. frantronix, is committed to providing the most attentive service for our customers.

pcba production capability

in addition to the normal mass production orders, but also support the sample, small quantities, and other varieties of special orders. professional technical engineers team focus on the customer bom list and related technical documents for strict verification and analysis,ensure the high quality of each board from us. customer demand for our excellence is the source of our growth, in the process of growing up, we have accumulated a lot of product production experience, can effectively predict the possible quality defects and product production focus, and targeted protection measures to help customers achieve their well-designed products.

manufacturing capability

pcba service

machine list

3 smt production lines

pcb fabrication(up to 12 layers、blind via、impedance、thick copper、hdi)

samsung sm481 series mounter

2 dip production lines


fully automatic solder paste printer

0201 component soldering

ict testing

10 zones reflow soldering

0.25mm bga

fct fucntion testing

aoi machine

smt 4000000 points/day

bit aging testing

wave soldering(lead/leadfree)

dip 1000000 points/day

box building whole fabrication

oscilloscope detector

pcba processing flow、price、lead time

frantronix minimizes procedures, reducing human intervention factors and risks, incorporates customer-delivered manufacturing orders into the pdca management system, performs rigorous ipc electronic acceptance standards, and ensures that customers' products have high throughput and stability. the price of pcba production and processing is the sum of the number and unit price of all the electronic components, the price of the number of solder joints, the cost of the  engineering cost, the cost of labor and the start-up costs, the r & d fee, etc., for the price of pcba production and processing in open and transparent way. before the production, we always will submit 3-5pcs of pcba samples for our customers' approval. our lead time for the samples and mass production is about 20 and 30 days.

enjoy first class service

we not only own a strong oem manufacturing capacity and engineering support,but also with a excellent team, have rich experience in research and development, production, maintenance, testing.we are equipped with specialized quality management personnel, maintenance staff, testers, production technology people and many more.in addition to our service, quality, delivery advantages, we also have big advantage in the cost control, the accumulation of a large number of excellent raw material purchase channels. in the domestic we generally directly to the factory procurement of raw materials, so that you can minimize the cost, to ensure quality and delivery. for example the ic, such as: atmel, ti, adi, microchip, st these brands we have long-term high-quality purchase channels to ensure that the supply of quality, delivery and price. at the same time in plastic parts, mold shell, metal processing, circuit pcb we also have high-quality partners.

if you are looking for electronic oem / odm suppliers, please feel free to contact us and welcome to visit our company.

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