odm service

hangzhou frankever electronic co.,ltd., has more than 10 years of rich electronic manufacturing experience in the field of electronic products odm design, oem service(electronic manufacturing services), accumulated research and development experience and pcba processing and manufacturing capacity, making us competent enough for customers of electronic products odm and oem oem tasks, can continue to create favorable value for customers. with years of accumulated technology, we have the strong research and development capabilities in the control device, intelligent furniture, led lights board, charging board and other fields.our r & d engineers (software / hardware) could provide you with the perfect odm and oem foundry services according to your requirements.

in addition, we will provide customers with a complete odm solution based on the customer's product design and production needs, from the raw material procurement, smt/dip assembly, burning test and product assembly to the whole set of full-process services. odm design projects are generally implemented as follows:

1, the customer advise his requirements: program, idea, as it is, the need for product development or copy board;

2, our engineer team will analyze the possibility of technical function,structure,mold of the product;

3, communicating with customers, discuss development details and specific development parameters, and sign a project development confirmation paper;
      4, submitted to the program proposal, including the overall progress of the project, the specific implementation of the program, cycle, cost and cost estimates and other aspects of information;
      5, hardware development: circuit diagram design, pcb circuit and shape design, sample processing and other links;
      6, software development: the design of customer ui, driver debugging, application development and debugging;
      7, mold development: through cad, 3dworks build product outline, the sample, debugging;
      8, the sample stage: the integration of technical results for the sample, the functional, stability test
      9, small batch stage: the customer acceptance test (uat), through the actual use of the function, the application of feedback to return to change, tend to improve;
      10, to establish mass production;
      11, finishing the final version of the project technical documentation.

we will set up a special project manager, tracking your electronic products odm project, responsible for pre-technical needs to discuss, archive, mid-term beta test, proofing, regression modification, stereotypes, batch and other full-stage control, according to the project expected schedule, to provide you with satisfied with the electronic products odm foundry services, and strictly control the quality of the entire pcba process.

now let's start to get hangzhou frankever electronic co.,ltd. in.